Monday, May 28, 2007

The Top 5 Keys to Wildly Successful Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a method by which an individual gets paid for successfully promoting another persons product or service. This method allows a new internet marketer to make money online with out the headaches of product development, website design, or customer service. The marketer is paid when a particular act such as a submission or purchase is made.

Many merchants are more than happy to split the profits with the internet marketer since the marketer is providing the necessary work and cost to promoting.

There are several e-commerce sites that the new and experienced marketer can join and begin promoting products and services immediately. Affliiate marketing has increased profit margins for some merchants by more than 15-20% and the trend shows no signs of slowing.

Why participate in an affiliate program?

It allows to to become a home based business owner on a part time basis while you get your feet wet. It allows anyone to build a substantial income as indicted by the many millionaires that claim to have found their fortune in affiliate marketing. These results were the product of motivation, prospecting, hard work, and training.

If you are seriously considering affiliate marketing, don't be mistaken, your results will be directly related to what you are willing to put in it.

Here are the top 5 keys to consider when choosing an affiliate program to promote:

1. A product or service that you like and have interest in.

In other words, would you buy it? This is one of the best indicators of knowing whether this a a good program to promote. If it is a product or service you would purchase then chances are good others will be interested in purchasing it as well.

2. Look for a program that has a few known guru testimonials on it, these will most likely be of high quality.

Most gurus have a reputation they need to protect. Many multi-millionaire gurus got their start as affiliates and often create their own products. These comments give some assurance that the standards of the program are solid.

3. Do a little market research on the products first

If you can track down a forum and ask the memebers their opinions on the product, do so. These user testimonials are helpful, but be sure to keep in mind that some people just buy to buy and may not give you a fair assessment. Ask a few people so you can get a good idea about the quality of the program or service.

4. The program is in high demand and its market is growing.

This will ensure that you will be able to make money in this program for many months and years to come. Most e-commerce sites track the data on each program offered, do your due diligence. Find those discussion boards and forums mentioned earlier.

5. Great commission splits

Find a program where the affiliate gets the lion's share of the profits. There are many programs offering the promoters great ratios. Keep on the lookout for these. Don't waste your efforts promoting programs that aren't willing to pay you what you deserve.

Be sure you research your product and use the 5 keys to consider as your guide. You must have the proper training necessary before you start promoting. Although millions can be made in affiliate marketing, only those with the proper skills are successful.

Choosing the right products and services will help you achieve the results you seek in affiliate marketing.

The Top 5 Keys to Wildly Successful Affiliate Marketing

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Thursday, May 3, 2007

Promo Black Box

Check out my partner Craig explaining the newly launched Promo Black Box. This will rock your world!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Promoters Black Box - Internet Marketing Tools on Steroids is a proprietary system created by a top publicly traded marketing company, In Touch Media Group (ITMG) for the small business owner. ITMG's client list includes such heavy hitters as Starbucks, Major League Baseball, Herbalife, and Nascar. ITMG is one of only 12 companies worldwide that holds Corporate Status with Google and Ambassador with Yahoo. So it's safe to say that the small business owner can expect training and results that are second to none.

The system contains 5 unique products, each powerful in its own way. Two impressive software products includes Google Boot Camp and Search Chameleon. Google Boot Camp consists of 4 CD's that contain all of ITMG's secrets. These CD's will make the client a pay per click expert, but that's not all.

The Chairman of ITMG will run Google Adwords training twice a week for as long as they are a member of
The second revolutionary product is Search Chameleon. This is a software application created by ITMG that allows your website to change and adjust in response to the visitor in real time.

This revolutionary and proprietary software increases website relevance to each visitor resulting in a high likelihood they will return and/or become a lead. This type of technology would normally cost thousands of dollars, but is only one of five components of will soon become the primary marketing tool of small business. Google's own data states that 7 out of 10 people who attempt to use Adwords fail. This isnt because it doesnt work, rather it's because marketers don't know how to use it.

PromotersBlackBox.comtraining and products will have clients among the 30% that know how to successfully use Google and make a fortune.

For a sneak peak at the kind of invaluable, money saving information you'll be able to learn about with the Google Boot Camp software check out the 5 Things Google Really Doesn't Want You To Know article on my blog.

Promoters Black Box

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Friday, April 27, 2007

5 Things Google Really Doesn't Want You To Know

Google Adwords, the final frontier, the novice internet marketer's best friend! But is it really?

Google can make you or break you and according to their own data, 7 out of 10 are broken. This isn't because Google doesn't work - it does. You'd better believe it, but like anything else, you have to know how the game is played FIRST, not last. There are 5 things Google really doesn't want you to know. By reading on you'll be among the elite 30% who play Google all the way to the bank.

First let me share some background which may be the biggest myth of all...consider it a bonus.

Ads are NOT ranked in accordance with the amount bid. Its kind of like the airline industry. You paid a certain price for your seat. The person next to paid less, yet their seat is the same as yours.

Google ranks using two major criteria...

1) Language in the ad and landing page which determines relevancy (quality)
2) How many times the ad is clicked and impressions shown

So for example, if your ad is shown from a search (quality) 1000 times and is clicked through only 5 times (CTR) which is .5% then you're in trouble. However, if your ad is clicked on 10-20 times which is 1-2%, then you're in business. Google will then start raising your position and lowering your cost. Sound crazy? Read on...

Here are the 5 things Google really doesn't want you to know:

1. All accounts are defaulted to the content network

Google ships ads out to other search engines and content networks. Content network is the default setting for Google Adwords. Being in the Content network of Google is like the kiss of death for any marketer and their wallet. Ads shown here get killed in the click through rate (CTR) because the user isn't looking to click ads, they are interested in the website's content- not your ad. Besides this, on the rare occasion they do click your ad, conversions are miniscule. This is also where fraud occurs. Adsense based sites get their ads from the Content network. Ever heard of click robots?

2. Keywords are too general

Let's say someone is in the mortgage industry... they shouldn't use the general word 'mortgage' if they are selling reverse mortgages or second mortgages. Some people figure the word 'mortgage' will cover their bases, but it only drains their bank account.

3. Use quotes and brackets around your keywords

If a marketer is using the keywords making money on the internet and doesn't use quotes or brackets, then ANY search that has ANY of those 5 words in it will trigger an impression and drive your CTR down dramatically.

If a searcher uses the words 'making chocolate brownies' your ad pops up. The quotes and brackets specify the keyword phrase you want to focus on. With quotes, your search phrase stays intact but may have other words before or after it. With brackets, the seracher only used those 5 words in the exact order YOU put them in.

4. Put the keyword in the title or body of your ad

About 80% of marketers don't use the keyword in their ads at all. I put in the words 'training my dog' and only one ad was an exact match. It's true that people search based on what they want to achieve. Training my dog was my goal. Another example would be 'buy tires'. If 'buy tires' were in the title or body of the ad this would add to the quality score.

5. There's a way to cut a deal with other search engines and bypass the content network

There are 3 places Google shows ads:
a. Home page
b. Content network
c. Other search engines

It's not uncommon to have 40% of your ads shipped out to other search engines. Once you track this activity you can cut a deal with them and pay half the price per click.

People who have a bad CTR and poor quality score end up paying more per click for minimal results. Google makes a fortune on desperate advertisers who are often novices in the business opportunity industry.

The average click through price for an inexperienced marketer in this arena is $2.00-$4.00/click. Experienced marketers only pay $.75-$1.00/click.

Google will alternate quality ads and poor ads on the home page in order to satisfy both revenue and users search queries. However, the poor expensive ads are usually getting low conversion therefore draining your account. Is it any wonder the stock price was north of $500 a share earlier this year?

For a sneak peak at the kind of invaluable, money saving information you'll be able to learn utilizing this information and groundbreaking internet marketing software check out the Promoters Black Box - Internet Marketing Tools on Steroids article on my blog.

Google adwords advertising

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